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Nori's Nummies



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Introducing our whimsical Donuts, the perfect treat for any occasion, be it a celebration, a cozy tea party, a post-vet visit pick-me-up, or simply to show your furry friend some extra love. These delightful Donuts offer a special way to treat your pet to something extraordinary.

Not only are our Donuts irresistibly delicious, but they also provide a guilt-free indulgence. You can feel confident knowing that our Donuts are made without any additives, preservatives, or low-quality ingredients. We believe in using only the finest and most wholesome ingredients to ensure your pet receives a treat of exceptional quality.

In addition to their delectable taste, our Donuts offer versatility. Break them up into smaller pieces for engaging puzzle play, providing mental stimulation that keeps your pet entertained and their mind sharp. Alternatively, smear the Donut on a lick pad to create a long-lasting distraction during thunderstorms, offering comfort during those scary moments.

Let our Donuts be a delightful part of your pet's life, adding a touch of joy to every occasion and creating precious memories. Treat them to these special Donuts, knowing that you are giving them a treat of superior quality without compromising on their well-being. Because every day is a reason to celebrate and cherish the bond you share with your furry companion.

Available in two enticing options: Carrot Kale Parsley and Blueberry Coconut. These treats are loaded with health-conscious ingredients, offering a tasty way to indulge your furry friends. You have the choice to add a delightful drizzle of icing on top, enhancing the treat's appeal. Currently, we offer two flavors, but stay tuned for more exciting options in the future. Click here for a full list of our ingredient information.

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