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Nori's Nummies

Woofle Cookies -- Pack of 20

Woofle Cookies -- Pack of 20

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Our Waffle Cookies crank up the crunchy satisfaction that goes beyond being a simple snack!

Prepare for an elevated celebration filled with cuteness overload! These charming treats make the perfect addition to any party platter, adding excitement to the festivities.

They are versatile treats that can be used in various ways to enhance your pup's training and mental stimulation. Break them into smaller pieces, and you have a fantastic training reward that will capture their attention and motivate them to learn new tricks and commands.

Provide mental stimulation and engage your pup's curiosity! Place them in puzzle toys, and watch as your furry friend eagerly explores and solves the challenge, savoring every crunchy bite along the way. You can also scatter them in snuffle mats or a rolled-up towel to encourage their natural foraging instincts, keeping their mind sharp and entertained. Perfect for rainy days especially as a distraction to thunder!

Available in two enticing options: Carrot Kale Parsley and Blueberry Coconut. These treats are loaded with health-conscious ingredients, offering a tasty way to indulge your furry friends. You have the choice to add a delightful drizzle of icing on top, enhancing the treat's appeal. Currently, we offer two flavors, but stay tuned for more exciting options in the future. Click here for a full list of our ingredient information.

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